Extra Hour of Sleep!


Aileen Rangel, Staff Reporter

Daylight Savings Time (DST) starts on Sunday March 13 and ends Sunday November 6. The time moves from one hour forward to one hour backward. This allows us to get one extra hour of sleep! Sunrise and Sunset are now one hour behind which makes more light in the evening.

DST does not apply to the whole country. Some countries, territories, and states are still changing their minds about whether they want to have Daylight savings time or not. In the United States, the only states that do not have DST are Hawaii and most of Arizona.

You can thank or blame Benjamin Franklin for doing so. He created daylight savings as a way of saving energy. Although he proposed that we do this, it didn’t get passed till a century later. The United States adopted Daylight savings in 1918.

Later, it was decided that it wasn’t working out for societies, so it was abolished. On February 9, 1942, President Roosevelt brought it back. Throughout the years research has shown that with more daylight in the evenings, there are less accidents and there are more people outdoors for longer periods of times.

Students believe that this is an advantage while others disagree. From the extra hour given with this time change, students feel more awake throughout the school day. They no longer feel tired by the time they get to sixth period. Other students say that they feel less motivated to do work since it gets dark outside at an earlier time, and it makes them just want to go to bed.

Interesting fact- Pets notice when the time changes! They have routines of their own, and they notice that their owners aren’t feeding them at the same time.

Hopefully we can all work with the time change and adjust to it. Let us all be thankful for that extra hour of sleep and use the time to our advantage!