LBHS Switches From Cash to Go Fan For Sports Games

LBHS Switches From Cash to Go Fan For Sports Games

Nevaeh Prado, Reporter

Recently in the last week, Los  Banos High School has made a big switch from accepting cash to get into sports games to using a digital purchasing tickets app called Go Fan.

Athletics director Mr. Barcellos says the idea of going digital to purchase sports tickets came about during Covid when touching money from person to person was not wanted. He also said accountability is a big factor to this change.

During the games there is one person to accept cash in return for ticket but by the end of the games sometime the money and tickets do not add up, so going digital gets rid and revolves this problem. Go Fan saves time and no one has to count the cash after games.

What about the people like students without credit/debit cards or elders who do not know how to use Go Fan along with people with no cell phone? Mr. Barcellos stated elders 65+ are free and parents can buy tickets for kids. He also said a card reader will be brought to the purchasing table to purchase tickets in person online which is new aspect of entering the games.

While people have to purchase tickets online, the concession stand will continue taking cash. But why purchase tickets online to still need cash for snacks? Mr. Barcellos said all the ticket money goes towards sports for the school while the snacks at a specific game go towards that specific sports except for football where the concession stand money goes towards boosters.

Jackson Silva and Kayson Welch, students and athletes at LBHS, both say they want cash to come back, that it is more convenient for students and parents to purchase in person. Jackson said Go Fan “does not affect me in a negative or positive way,” but Kayson Welch said, “No, it does not benefit me because it is easier to carry cash.”