Christmas Is Just Around The Corner!

Ramon Mondragon, Reporter

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s a day to spend time with family and enjoy the holiday. Every family does different things for Christmas, like going to church the day of Christmas or putting the star on the top of the tree at midnight.

Some of the common Christmas traditions are staying up until midnight on Christmas night, making Christmas cookies for Santa, and opening presents on Christmas morning. These are just a few and common things most families do during the holiday season. Christmas traditions are special because it is a famous holiday that have been passed down through generations and continues to today.

Grant Jones (11) said that his house is the place to go for Christmas.  They have a tradition of watching the Christmas movie, “Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas” the night before. Jones said he loves Christmas because “It’s the one time I get to see all my family members from both sides in the span of just a week.” 

Another student, David Herrera (11) and his family spend their Christmas at his grandmother’s house every year as part of their tradition every year. Just like some families around the world, David and his family open their Christmas presents at midnight on Christmas Eve. 

Junior, Cole Brandi goes to church the morning of Christmas and also visits his grandmother’s house as well. 

This is what your friends or fellow high schoolers do on the day of Christmas. What are some of your traditions that you do with your family during the holidays?