What the Holidays make you remember


Greg Schaefer, Reporter

During the holidays, people celebrate the joyous aspects of its season and life in general, but the holidays are also a time to remember the joyous parts of the past and to those who were with us too.

There are many little things that we miss when anyone involved in our lives move on from life itself and the holidays remind us of how these people and memories will always be so precocious and dear us. The holidays will always remind us the little bits of those specials moment those people make it special and how they always made these special days to us from the big and small moments as well as the good and the bad, however the person may now be gone has made the holidays different without their unique presence adding to it.

“I have recently lost my dad about six months ago, and with the holidays coming up, I had to buy the ornaments for my kids that he normally would, not that I’m annoyed that I have to, it’s just not the same and it hurts how it doesn’t feel the same, and I don’t know how to coop with it,” said Heather Rotering, Owner of Little Hands Daycare, who recently lost her father Keith Vogel from natural causes.

“I lost my great grandmother when I was eight years old during the month of June, year 2012 and even though her body wouldn’t let her show her spirit and love, it would just explode all around her and just being in the same room as her would just cause you to explode in absolute joy, but now that she is gone and been gone for awhile, I can still feel her absence, it hurts to think about still,” said Anthony Schaefer, who lost his great grandmother when he was young and still is an important person in his life as he believes her wisdom and spirit still follows and aids him, not here with us but with us in spirit.

The holidays are a time of celebration and delight but also a time of remembering the memories and stories of the pasts of those who are not with us anymore. Let your holidays be full of joy and memories and a Happy Holidays from the Paw Print News.