Rain Storms Takes Over California

Ramon Mondragon, Reporter

Over the past couple weeks the state of California has been experiencing an extensive amount of rain which is rare for the state. The mass amount of rain is damaging the state more near the coast but also benefiting for the states more inland that do not already receive that much rain throughout the year like Los Banos.

This rapid storm that has taken over the state have produced record rains that has caused about 20 deaths due to the serve weather. Over 20 feet of snow and and 2 million power outages are all but consequences of this storm.

Other cities nearby in Merced County like Merced experienced major flooding and damages to the people of Merced. In Los Banos, the rain has been a lot more than ever in recent memory and has not encountered any problems with the rain storm.

Cities along the state coast are experiencing the most damage and effects of the rain. According to an article in The Washington Post by Ian Livingston “32 trillion gallons of water in 3 weeks: California storms by the numbers,” the city of Santa Cruz has encountered as much as nearly 40 inches of rain when the average in the state was 11.5 inches. The county of Sonoma are one major area affected.  In addition, Sacramento had trees falling and Big Sur had Highway 1 wash out from a land slide.  These are just a few of incidents which occurred in our state.  Trees falling down into houses and onto cars, houses being flooded, cars being immobilize because of the amount of water on the streets are just some of the major things happening to California residents around the state.

The storm has finally concluded when this is published but the long last effects of people’s property and families being affected by family members deaths are something that will remember as well as the state.