ROAR Academic Celebration Event

Tyler Spadafore, Reporter

Celebrating student academic success is important to students and staff. On January 19 and January 20, Los Banos High School hosted its first Recognizing Outstanding Achievements and Rewards (ROAR) celebration to reward and honor students for their academic success in the first semester.

The ROAR program is similar to what the school used to have as the Renaissance program.  Students quarter and semester grades and grade point average are tracked and throughout the year, students can be rewarded for their successes with food, business gift cards, free time, games, and so on.

This first celebration was held in the MPB room during Pride Time. Students who have a Cardinal level with a GPA of  3.0-3.79 attended the celebration on Thursday, January 19. Students who had a Gold level with a GPA of 3.8 or higher or a white card with a GPA of 2.5-2.99 attended on Friday, January 20.

Mrs. Snively is part of the ROAR team who organizes and oversees the program.  She felt the celebration was a huge success.  She said, “Congratulations to all the students that achieved the gold, cardinal, and white levels for Semester one!  We are looking forward to celebrating with you at the ROAR event for your third quarter grades.  We are very proud of all the hard work and discipline you have shown this first semester and we encourage you to strive to do even better.  Thank to all the Tiger teachers, staff, maintenance team, and administrators, for helping with the events.”

This academic celebration included multiple activities like corn hole, volleyball, basketball, photo sticks, and music. Snacks and food was provided for students.

Cody Reyna (12) stated, “I really liked the ROAR event during pride time. It was a cool and fun event to reward the students that got a white, cardinal, or gold cards.”

Students also had the opportunity to win raffles and prizes and discounts from certain businesses. The gift cards included were Pizza Hut, Wendys, and Los Banos Donuts.