Seniors Talk About Their Last Moments in High School


Alexandria Perez, Reporter

As the 2023 school year comes to an end, the seniors talk about their last semester of high school and their favorite memories. As a senior I feel scared but excited; graduating high school is something I’ve never thought would come.

This year went by extremely fast and the feeling of leaving is scary, yet I’ve been looking forward to this for years. I will forever miss being around my friends every day, going out to lunch, and going to Friday night lights with all of my friends. One of my best memories throughout my high school years was probably moving to Los Banos and meeting so many important people in my life. I love my friends and everyone that has made a positive impact on my life. I am easily going to miss the routine of school and the time spent getting ready, going to school with my friends, eating lunch with everyone, and going home to get ready to leave for work. High school is stressful, but the memories I’ve made were worth it.

Let’s hear about what the other seniors have to say about their last semester.

Isaiah Castillo- “I’m excited that I finally get to leave, after living here for my entire life, I’m excited to try new things and get out of this town. Now that I’m leaving high school, I’m also excited to experience new opportunities due to our small community. My best memory would probably be Friday night lights. I’m going to ┬ámiss all the cool teachers here.”

Justina Regalado- ” I feel low-key sad about it all ending. My best memory was the rides to and from football games while blasting music at night with all my friends. I’m mostly going to miss my friends.”

Angelina Valencia- “It’s going to be an emotional year for me. Now that I’m in my last semester in high school, I feel like I’m almost completely done with my teen era. My best memories were probably during freshman year when my friends and I would hang out at the same table and be immature together and laugh, even though we’ve almost all separated, I’m glad I met them. I’m going to miss the teachers, more specifically, Mrs. Seaborn and Mr. and Mrs. McCullough. They all love their jobs which makes school more enjoyable for me.

Ashton Famalett- “I’m so glad it’s finally over, but I’m never going to get this back again. My best and favorite memory would be FFA or welding. I’m definitely going to miss how easy everything is because after high school, everything is going to get real.”

Lesley Castro- “I’m scared that it’s my last semester in high school but also excited for the future. The one thing I am going to miss is getting up early and picking up my friends to go to school. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Montiel because she is very understanding and is actually helpful when you ask for it.”

As the year comes to an end for us, times are extra stressful yet full of fun. We all look forward to our senior trip, dances, and most importantly, graduation. The past four years have been an experience we will never get back, and it’s a feeling we all can’t explain.