Winter homecoming crowns seniors


Bobby Roque and Evan Rebosa

Los Banos High School presented their basketball homecoming court during the Tiger versus Johansen game on the January 27.

Los Banos started the game dominating in the first two quarters leaning into halftime with a score of  35-18 and was a good way to start halftime event.  The homecoming court consisted of ten individuals.  Two couples ran for the seniors and one couple per grade level. The nominees for seniors were Makayla Duran and George Garcia, Benny Bautista and Edith Cheek. For the lower classmen, Joshua Gargano and Mia Duran ran for freshman and for sophomores, Jared Van Loben Sels and April Cunha ran. Juniors were represented by Evan Rebosa and Venezia Morales.

Digital voting for the couples took place before the game in each grade level google classrooms. The winners were announced during halftime of the varsity game. Seniors George Garcia and Benny Bautista won homecoming.

After the celebration Tigers came back and dominated in the second half blowing out Johansen 69-35. The Tigers finished the game continuing their win streak of three games.

Next week Tigers will be facing Grace Davis (Modesto) in a regular league game.  The Tigers are doing well for themselves with a record of 19-4 only losing two with a league record of 9-2. The last few games the Tigers have been running through the league winning most games with over a 10 point lead or higher. That is no easy task with teams like Lathrop and Mountain House leading the league in wins with a record 10-1.

With the Tigers third in league, they are still projected to be in the playoffs. This year might be the year for the basketball team if all players step up and stay focused.