Black History Month Celebration includes Door Decorating Contest

Alexandria Perez, Reporter

February is here, which also brings us Black History Month because it coincides with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln on February 12 and that of Frederick Douglass on February 14. Black History Month has been such an important month and has been founded since 1986.

This month was created to shine light and focus attention on the importance and contributions of African Americans in America. The founder of Black History Month was a man named Carter G. Woodson. During the year of 1988, students protested for Black History Month.

Our BSU club members talk about Black History Month and the importance of it. Our BSU president, Jacinta Brown says, “Not only am I president of BSU, but I’m the one who brought the club back to the school after many years of inactivity. After the horrendous year for people of color everywhere in 2020, I was inspired to bring the club back as I feel our small community needed to be aware of the issue.”

Our BSU members shine importance on the black community. Recently, the club members marched in town.  Kayson Welch, BSU member, joined to take a stand in his community, learn more about his culture, and to show support.

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a black man, was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Floyd had been arrested after a store cashier accused him of using a fake 20$ bill. The police officer killed Floyd by choking him on the street with his leg. The officer got time in prison for killing Floyd; however, people had mixed feelings about it. This sparked a lot of people to protest and stand up for our black community and end accusations.

To celebrate Black History Month, our school is hosting a door decorating contest.  Teachers and students are encouraged to use people, places, events, activities, and other topics of interest to decorate their classroom doors.  Sketches of door ideas need to be uploaded to a google form for approval.  This link was sent to teachers.  Once ASB approves the sketch, decorating the classroom door can begin.

The following dates outline the contest:
Google Form with application and Detailed sketch designs due: February 8th
Door decorating begins: February 14th
Door decorating ends: February 17th
A Google Form with images of each door will be sent out on February 20th. Voting will be open until February
23rd and winners will be announced on February 24th. The winning class will receive donuts on March 1st.
Doors will be judged in three categories:
• Creativity
• Information/Facts
• Carrying out the Them

Make sure to join and show importance for Black History Month!