Last Basketball Game and Senior Night a Success

Maia Garcia, Staff Reporter

On February 6, 2023 the Los Banos Tiger boys basketball had their last home basketball game of the season. Not only that, they also had their last home game of the season against Pacheco High School.

The game began with excitement, cheering and shouting for the senior players and the senior cheerleaders. Two minutes into the first period, Tigers already had two points, although Pacheco High was fighting back.  In period 2 Panthers had 11 points and Tigers had 6, but it was expected that the Tigers would not give up. In the second quarter with only 31 seconds on the clock, Kayson Welch (12) made an incredible shot that left the spectators all applauding. This was an impressive shot.

In period 3 Tigers scored a lot of points, making the score 36 to 30 even though Panthers were beating Tigers. Tigers managed to overtake them. There were many moments of tension and emotion felt by both the players and the students watching.  With only four minutes to go in the final quarter, the Panthers were behind and Tigers managed to overtake them, with the final score of 61 Tigers and 43 Panthers.

All the players were impressive but seniors Kayson Welch and Ayden Barcellos took the whole game, which was to be expected since it was the last basketball game in the house.

Before the game started the senior players were honored for the Senior Night. They stopped by with their families and took pictures with them; it was a very nice moment for all the seniors and for their families.