Soup and Art: Community prepares for the 10th Annual Empty Bowls Event


Mrs. Gallegos

Mrs. Gallegos and her class create the ceramic bowls for the event.

Julian Mejia, Reporter

The 10th Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser has been connecting the value of art with the local community for years.

The Rotary Club will be hosting this event on February 23 at the Ted Falasco Arts Center from 5-7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 a person. Tickets will provide a simple meal of soup, bread, and water per person, and they will be taking home a distinctive bowl made by fellow LBHS Art Students. Art teachers from both high schools and junior high schools, community members, and Rotary Club members are making unique ceramic bowls.

Our Interact Club, which is a junior level Rotary Club will be volunteering their time to help serve and clean tables during the event. Advisor of the Interact Club, Mrs. McCullough explains, “The Interact Club does community service throughout the year.  Many of the activities are ones we come up with as a club.  Other events, sponsored by our local Rotary Club are events we especially need to be part of to support our local chapter.  Our two club members interact together and get to know one another. After graduation, students have the ability to continue their community service by joining the Rotary Club, so this event and others are important for the longevity of the Rotary Club.  Plus we feel good doing something for our community.”

From an online article from Westside Express newspaper on January 29, “Empty Bowls:  Where art and service to help struggling families intersect” reporter, John Spevak states, “All in all, on Feb. 23 Rotarians and many other members of the community will be coming together to help feed those in need, appreciate and support high school artists and their artwork and remember individuals who did so much for their community. It promises to be a memorable evening.”

All proceeds will go to help feed the hungry in Los Banos.