Teacher relives Europe trip as school plans another

The Effiel Tower in Paris, France in 2000.

Scout Gutierrez, Reporter

A foreign destination trip that has been going on for years sadly had to take a pause in the year of 2020 due to the COVID shutdown, but has finally made its way back to our students and staff.  Students have the opportunity to tour France and Italy.

Mrs. Lampreda and Mrs. Sagouspe, both teachers of Los Banos High school have made it possible to bring a trip to Europe, this is a NON school sponsored trip. On February 27 there will be a meeting regarding the payment plan.  Students can sign up to receive information through the QR codes all around campus.

The plan for this trip includes the following:  Day 1-9 will all have different activities planned, along with bus/train rides with new sights to see every day. It is a stress free trip with everything planned out from France to Italy.

A former student, who is now an art teacher, Mrs. Sagouspe went on this trip herself in the year of 2000. She shares her experience.

“When I went, we’d gone to a ton of museums… everything there was centuries old! A lot older then the history we have in America, and it just exposed me to art culture, sculpture, and architecture. After I’d gotten back from the trip, I was ready for my next trip. If I could’ve lived there, I would’ve. We went with a group of six girls who I did not know; to this day, I still talk to those girls. It’s an really amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who is able to go.”

She continues, “I was 15 or 16, my summer of junior year when I went. There were six girls from my school that I’d gone along with, along with Mr. Noia.  We all got paired up and did our own thing in groups. We traveled on buses together, on our flights, and trains. The company organizes all of your transportation. We went to a Perfume Factory in France and got the opportunity to sample and create our own perfumes. It was really, really fun. The best experience. I can’t say enough of how amazing it was. We saw the Effiel tower, walked around, as well as the palace of Versailles. For the whole day, we were able to walk around and see the paintings, glass mirrors–it was BEAUTIFUL.”

Mrs. Sagouspe raves about her experience.  She said, “France is amazing, but Italy was my favorite and I’ve been back because of that trip about two times already. One of the times I went back I did a two week art school. it was so much fun, but I wanted to create art and because of this trip, it convinced me to take AP Art History during my senior year. The best part of the trip is you can go and not have to worry about planning anything out, you can go and experience the countries so when you have the opportunity to go back you have an idea of what to do and what to see. You get a taste of everything and make the most incredible memories.”

Mrs. Lampreda and Mrs. Sagouspe will be along on the trip, but the trip is NOT through the school, or school sponsored.  This means anyone attending the event will have to pay for the trip.

If anyone is even slightly interested in going on this trip, join the meeting and plan to go on this trip as well. Anyone eleven years and up are allowed to come as well.

For more information, follow the link below as well as view the photos as an idea of what you can be experiencing if you were to join the trip as well.

https://rsvp.eftours.com/kummtv3 , or follow the QR code posted on one of the bulletins around the LBHS campus.