The process of getting a license at the age of 16

Evan Rebosa, Reporter

Have you ever wondered how hard the process of getting a license at the age of 16?

To start the process you start with a drivers education course which is a class students can take on campus with Mr. Christensen or it is offered online through different companies. The online classes can take one week, but it is more of work at your own pace, so students decide when they want to be done. The in-person class takes one month to finish, but both of these are to acquire a pink slip.

Once students acquire a pink slip, they can now head to the DMV and take a permit test and take an ID photo. It will cost a fee of $39.00 for three tries, but the tester can not miss more than seven questions.  Usually this part of the process is the hardest for most people, but if students study using the DMV app and take practice tests, they should pass.

After the individual passes the permit, they must wait six months to test for the behind-the-wheel test.  Students need to have six hours of behind-the-wheel practice with an instructor and then they are eligible to take the test at DMV. The behind-the-wheel driving is the most easiest part of the three part process.  Students are basically driving with an instructor around town and getting tips on how to drive and how to park.

Once the six months is over and students takes the driving lessons, they could take the test, only of which a person can get 15 errors on it. But once a student passes the test, they get an interim drivers license and now can drive. New drivers do have to wait one year to drive with other minors without an adult.

Your ID driver license comes in within 2-3 weeks.  This finalizes the three part process of acquiring a drivers license.