The 2023 Chess Club Tournament Held


Emily Zaragosa, Reporter

The Chess Club is back in action and held their first ever Chess Club Tournament.

Lester Sanchez (12), chess club president took initiative to host and organize the tournament. The Chess Club Tournament will offer prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners based off a bracket system.

Sanchez shared how the three different bracket systems players played in determined the prizes. Each bracket showcased a different level of difficulty for players, with first bracket winner being the most skilled.

Ashton Kirschman (11), a competitor in the tournament, explained his interest and support in the game of chess. “I got interested in chess because it is the ultimate strategy game. I found it very interesting that a simple move from moves before could either win or lose the game for you.”

The turnout for the tourney had been more than expected of Sanchez with over 20 kids playing and watching.

Philip Vander Pole (11), another competitor in the club, shared his feelings for the tournament. “Once my friends started to get involved in chess, I started practicing again. It’s a really fun community to be in and brings us all together to socialize and have fun with the game too.”

Sanchez later shared that in the future he would like to see a Chess Tournament between other schools, as well. “I think it would be cool to have more competition in the future.”

The tournament is still continuing and is going into its final rounds.

Finals for the Chess Club Tournament will be held on Tuesday, March 6 during lunch in room 33. Winners will be determined for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Our First Place Winner will win a $30 Target Gift card. Come out and watch to support our Chess Club!