Portfolio Day prepares students for job interviews

Nevaeh Prado, Reporter

Portfolio Day took place on February 24 and the second day on March 3. Portfolio Day is a day where students enrolled in ROP classes practiced their interviewing skills and were interviewed by community and business leaders in town. Students used this time to gain valuable skills for future job interviews and learned what to expect and how to act during an interview.

Students met with their interviewer in the school library.  Alize Sanchez, a junior took part in the event and says the most difficult part of the Portfolio Day process was “waiting my turn because I started to get nervous.”

Students prepared a binder with references and a resume to take along to the interview.  This interview process started at the beginning of the school year to prepare students for future job opportunities.  Students who participated in portfolio day also had to complete trainings to prepare for the interview days which is a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge and know what to expect like questions they would be asked, how to dress, how to act, and what information they would be responsible to provide for their future potential employers.  Valerie George (11) says the most difficult part for her was, “making sure I had everything in order and was prepared to take the interview.”

Both Sanchez and George said they learned what the interview process would look like through this practice. George said, “I learned how to properly engage with someone and how to communicate better,” while Sanchez said, “I learned about how an interview would look like and more about my career I wanted to pursue.”