Train derailments cause issues in areas

Bobby Roque , Jackson Silva

These past two months of the new year have been interesting. We have seen UFO’s, crazy weather in California, tragic injuries in sports but there has been extra light shined on the train derailments lately.

For the first quarter of the year there have been little over a dozen train derailments all over the world and in the US. Some wrecks have been very dangerous to the environment.

A lot of train derailments do not get recognized by the news until recently. A Norfolk Southern train holding hazardous materials near Palestine, Ohio derailed and is showing environmental concerns and chemical fears for residents living near the small town. chemical spill contaminated at least 15,000 pounds of soil and 1.1 million gallons of water.

When authorities assessed the damage, they discovered five derailed containers holding vinyl chloride, a sweet smelling colorless gas. They ended doing a controlled burn to let out the chemicals.

With all these derailments there are major consequences. Within miles of the accident, residents are noticing the changes in the natural lake water. One resident took a video of himself throwing a rock in the water and seeing oil flowing up to the surface. At this time, authorities are not saying the tap water and natural rivers are unsafe to drink/be in.  However residents who were evacuated seem to think differently.  Many have reported headaches and unexplained rashes, dead animals and fish, paint damage to vehicles after a recent rain,

There has been more than just derailments in the world. One deadly train wreck happened in Larissa in Central Greece, at least 43 people died in the accident. The wreck happened on March 2, 2023  when deadly human error happened. A passenger train and a freight train collided around midnight.  The first four carriages of the passenger train were derailed, and the first two caught on fire and were almost completely destroyed.  The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated it was a “tragic human error.” Mitsotakis also called for a an independent investigation. Already one local stationmaster was charged with manslaughter.

And just recently, another derailment occurred in Arizona on March 15 close to the California border.  The train was carrying corn syrup. The incident is under investigations.