Shopping guide helps with prom plans

Angelina Valencia and Kayson Welch

Do you need recommendations of where to purchase a prom dress or suit? Los Banos High School Paw Print has brought together a list of recommended shops to help out students.

Where to buy or rent prom clothes for women?

For girls attending prom of 2023, it is always a difficult time to find prom dresses during this time. If you are looking for the most affordable options, it is highly recommended to shop at Windsor which is located in the Modesto or Fresno mall, and if time is not limited, Shein is a very popular online store that contains anything a student will need for prom. If a student’s budget is not too limited, a good option is always Macy’s where there is more of a variety and trendy selections.

Of course students will need to purchase flowers such as corsages. The top places to buy flowers to give to your prom date are Savemart, local vendors, Orchid Barn, Los Banos Flower Shop, and independent businesses on Instagram. 

Where to buy or rent prom clothes for men?

If you need suits for prom, students are able to rent and buy from stores or you could ask your older brother or father if possible. Some of the top places to shop for suits are Men’s Warehouse, Macy’s, Shein, Martha’s Quinceanera and Bridal and Total Fashion Inc. All that has been listed are good quality to rent or buy clothes. These stores also have been reported to have good customer service and good prices. They are also very reasonable with returning the clothes after they have been rented. 

The most popular choice and most known is Men’s Warehouse. There are 636 in the United States and good for prom and lifetime clothes, and if a student has limited transportation, Palmas Party Decor is a very popular choice in Los Banos to rent affordable suits.

Even though this may be a stressful time, do not stress while shopping because there are many options to help!