Does Lent Bring You Closer To God?

Ramon Mondragon, Reporter

Lent is a religious Catholic observance that happens once a year from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Because Jesus Christ spent forty days in the desert while he was tempted by the devil, Catholics and Christians do a Lenten sacrifice in which they do something that could better their relationship with God.

I recently observed things and learned more about Lent and its true purpose at St. Josephs Church.  As a Catholic myself, I always thought Lent was something that a person gives up for six weeks. My parents, when I was younger would always ask me what I would give up and that is how I was raised and taught the meaning of Lent. However, about three years ago, I learned from St. Josephs Church that giving up something that is not good for you or that is for your own good is not the true meaning and lesson behind Lent. During a sermon, the priest told the congregation that each of us should do something that will better your relationship with God. From then on I do not “give up” something for Lent, but rather I attend church every weekend during this time of the year to help better my connection with God.

The priest suggested as well that giving to charity or doing good deeds normally not done during the year could also improve your relationship with God, not just giving up something.

Giving up something for Lent is not a bad thing, but in my opinion, the whole idea behind Lent is to improve your relationship with God.