Security Guard Spotlight: Mr. Mike Tate


Kayson Welch

Mr. Tate, security guard always makes his job fun and helps others laugh and have a good day.

Kayson Welch

Don’t think you can get away doing bad things on campus when Mike Tate is around!

Mr. Tate was born and raised in Los Banos and attended Los Banos High, so his commitment to this school is real because he is connected to the staff and students for so long. Even his best friend from his childhood, Mr. Chris Ordunez works with him making this job even better for him.

He started working on campus in 2002 as a security guard. Then in 2006 he decide to switch to the Atwater prison. Two years later, he came back to work at Los Banos and has been here ever since.

Mr. Tate loves working here because he believes he can change the lives of children and direct them in a good path. He thinks the students makes his job fun and easy because he just knows how to talk to them and not treat them like children. 

Tate says the key to his job is communication and being on the teens level. He treats everyone how he wants to be treated and tries to help the students be on a good path on life and make sure they do not do bad things that will affect them. 

He said, “Communicate with kids the right way, hopefully, will bring success in the future.”

Tate loves this high school so much and has spent almost half his life at it. His goal everyday is to make the students smile and make sure everyone has a good day. Mr. Tate is one of the most experienced security guards at the school and is one of the few people that been here a long time. 

Mr. Tate is married and has five children.  Four of his children attended LBHS and were outstanding athletes with one of them, Damari Tate getting Mr. Tiger. His fifth child is currently in elementary school but will be attending Los Banos High in the future. Mr. Tate believes that family should always come first no matter what. With this motto he attends almost every single game his children play in even at the college level. He travels out of state just for his daughter to do competitive dance. 

He likes to say he is a “jack-of-all-trades.” Mr. Tate loves sports and even coach’s football, basketball, and baseball.

He refers to himself as “gangsta” which means he can do anything he puts his mind to and is really tough mentally and physically. 

In his free time, he loves to hang out and support family, hit the gym, and play video games. He loves spending money on shoes and electronics. His favorite football teams are Lakers and Raiders. Tate also loves food and he is not a picky eater, but he claims to be not the best cook. 

Tate is a great mentor and friend to everyone as he serves to protect our campus and students.