Kayson Welch wins WAC MVP


Tiger Nation/Barcellos

Kayson Welch prepares to do a lay up.

Jackson Silva, Reporter

The Western Athletic Conference sent out their All League winners.  The Los Banos Tigers tied for second place in the WAC league, and they also had a total of four players who made All Conference:  Kayson Welch (12), Angel Resendiz (12), Caleb Robertson (11), and Ayden Barcellos (12).

This accomplishment shows that not only did the Tigers have great team success, but they also had exceptional personal success. Angel Resendiz was rewarded with 2nd Team All League.  Caleb Robertson and Ayden Barcellos were both Honorable mentions.  But the biggest personal reward a tiger can receive was earned by senior, Kayson Welch for his achievement of becoming WAC’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Kayson Welch was the real deal, and stats can prove it. Kayson averaged 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists all season long.  Yes, Welch may be six foot four and two hundred-fifteen pounds, but that does not mean he did not work for this reward.  This took months of dedication on his part to earn this award.

Welch felt in his junior year he did not provide as much as he could have.  He knew he could do more and was not willing to settle for the same result his senior year.  “I knew there was progress to be made and I could get better,” said Welch.

What did Welch do?  “I worked extremely hard.  I put in countless hours in the gym. I was always perfecting my craft and practicing my moves.  I even had to sacrifice playing other sports in the summer,” Welch said.

Coach Gonzolo Rodriguez said, “He was always the first one in the gym and always the last one out.  I had to force him to get off the court.”

Talking to Welch’s coaches and teammates, anyone can tell how much this season meant to him.  Yes, this is an individual award, but this was the last priority on Kayson’s list.  The first thing, was winning games for his team, and he made sure to mark that off.