Is Rain Ruining Baseball Season?


Tiger Nation/Barcellos

Players anticipate a return to the field despite all the rain.

Jackson Silva, Reporter

This year’s baseball season has had a very slow start.  It is not because of any players performance, but rather Mother Nature herself.  The California weather has left all teams on the edge of their seats wondering if they will be able to play any time soon.

The baseball team has already had to cancel two games so far and had to push one back.  Now, although these games fall into the preseason category, they are very crucial.  Not only do these games mean something, but they also help the team warm up to be at their peak performance for league.   One of the best teams Los Banos is scheduled to play is Buhach Colony which was canceled.  This would have been a great game to show the team where they were at and who they can compete with in future games.  Tiger baseball also had another game canceled with Livingston.  This also would have been a great game.

Players have had some things to say about this matter.  Jonathan Camarillo, a junior catcher for the Tigers is worried the rain will keep coming throughout the season.  “Obviously the rain is good for the valley, but I just wish it wasn’t postponing my season.”

Camarillo thanks his coaches, even though they have different jobs, they are constantly out on the field prepping it so we can play.

Fernando Ceja, a junior infielder said the rain  “is a little hiccup in our season but that is not gonna stop us from working.”

Even when the field has been in unusable conditions, the Tigers seem to still find a way to practice whether it is on the blacktop, in the gym, or just in the classroom studying bunt defense.  The Tigers will not stop working.

League is starting up today, and although the Tigers have had some setbacks, the amount of work they have put in will not disappoint this season, no matter what the weather is.