Boys volleyball takes down Johansen in league


Tiger Nation/Barcellos

The boys team huddle together for support.

Jackson Silva, Reporter

The Varsity Tigers boys volleyball team had a bounce back win March 14 over Johansen in three sets. Now that league has started up for boys volleyball, every game matters.

The Tigers had a very rough off-season playing many tough teams.  Although it may look bad on paper, this was just preparation for the competitive league that the Tigers are in.  That tough start did not make the Tigers back down, though. It was fuel for the team.  It made the junior setter Emanuel Morales step up and be a leader.

“Those losses before Johansen were only fuel to the fire, I knew I had to step up.” Morales stated.  Going into the game he felt confident.

“Even though we had been losing before this game, when we all walked into the gym, our attitudes were different.  We gained some confidence,”  he said.  They indeed had some confidence.

“Even the attitude in the locker room was different; it was quiet.  Everyone was getting in the zone by listening to music,” said junior Evan Rebosa.

The Tigers were extremely dominant this game.  Not losing a single set after losing in 5 sets the game before.  This game is just going to bring more momentum to the Tigers.

It is not about how they start, but rather how they finish, and that is what the Tigers are preaching right now.  With 10 more league games, they are looking to dominate just as well as they did on against Johansen.