Book Review : They Both Die at the End

Jacob Reyna, Reporter

I recently was recommended the book, “They Both Die at the End,” written by Adam Silvera and published in 2017.

The book is about 18 year old Mateo Torrez and 17 year old Rufus Emeterio. The two boys both receive a phone call after midnight by an organization called Death-Cast. They are told that they are going to die today. Now both of the boys are strangers to each other, but they both want to make a friend on their last day. There is an app they use called Last Friend that allows anyone to make your last friend. Both of the boys meet each other through the app and meet up with plans to live a lifetime in one day. The boys do things that they have always wanted to do, and like the title of the book says, they both die at the end of the book.

I believe the best and worst part of the entire book was that it was so enthralling that it made me forget that both of the characters were going to die. The book itself was not always dark as some may think based on the title. It was very hopeful at times. It was like watching a movie that you know has a sad ending, but it still gets you anyway.

The entire book is obviously based around the unavoidable death of the two boys, but everything the boys do is a choice. This book also teaches people not to focus on how or when you will die, but to just live your life like it was your last day. All in all the book was a good read with a good plot that kept you wanting more.