Looking for fitness? Valley Fitness is the place to be

Bobby Roque, Reporter

Residents of Los Banos love working out. These past few years, three new gyms, Valley Fitness, The Compound, and Planet Fitness opened in the area. This is mostly due to the population growing every year and the need to accommodate the demand for fitness.

Valley Fitness is the leading gym in terms of occupancy.  Some residence have left Valley Fitness to join the newly opened cheaper option Planet Fitness.  Valley Fitness is a very well known commercial gym that encourages people to not judge people lifting. With Valley Fitness, they have lots of equipment and cheap prices each month of $30. The price might turn people’s heads, but if some looked at the the equipment, it would change their minds. The gym offers two squat racks, in total of five different benches, and lots of heavy dumbbells. Valley also has so many machines to choose from for all workouts. One flaw that Valley might have is a lot of people show up making times too busy. But, this gym is definitely one of the best in town.

The Compound is a “body building gym” and puts their customers on a contract. The starting price for every month is $50. One thing that really sets them apart from other gyms is that they have a loyalty deal. If a customer signs the contract, they rely on them to stay with the gym; if a customer doesn’t stay, they have to pay a fee of $100. The Compound brings in an intense crowd of people. They provide all sorts of different machines for the athlete or a heavy lifter trying to gain lots of muscle. Lastly, students at Los Banos and Pacheco high schools enjoy the sports related machines. They have good squat racks, platforms, and a second floor where they have sleds, ropes, and more. It is a very good gym, but the price really turns customers heads.

Planet Fitness is a very well-known commercial gym. The gym’s mission statement is to bring in the younger generation and the more insecure people into the gym. One thing that really sets the gym off from others is the lack of equipment. Most gyms have a standard bench and normal squat racks. Planet Fitness is also known for the lack of light weight. Their dumbbells go up to 75 pounds. One great thing the gym brings is cheap prices. One gym members ship is $1o a month. Another good thing they do is they give teens a free two month membership during the summer to get people out the house.

All in all, every gym has its own purpose and brings in its own crowd. Everyone has their own opinion on different gyms but as long as someone goes and stays fit, there is nothing wrong.