AG Foods students earn certification for future jobs

Angelina Valencia, Reporter

Students that are on an Ag pathway for their high school career are given multiple ways to continue in the Ag world. Ag Food Science is always a popular choice every year for students when selecting classes. The class provides a culinary experience for students, as well as teaching them where their food comes from and what it takes to expand their experience. The class also is a very hands-on course and allows students to have an overview of agriculture through food processing.

The Ag Food Science course provides certification at the end of its course by being part of the iCEV lessons. The iCEV lessons include how to properly handle food safety, storing food safely, and cooking it properly. The lessons all have their own separate slides and ten questions at the end of each readings. One of the key benefits of iCEV’s online courses is the ability to earn industry-recognized certifications. These certifications help students demonstrate proficiency in their area of study and stand out in the job market.

After talking to Ag Foods instuctor, Mr. Stuart McCullough, he shared that the program is beneficial for students “when applying for jobs and industry certification.”  He said, “This year’s certification is in Culinary Meat Selection and Cookery.”

According to the iCEV website, “The Culinary Meat Selection & Cookery Certification verifies individuals possess the skills necessary to thrive in the culinary industry – specifically when selecting and preparing meat. The certification exam addresses topics such as food palatability, proper knife care and use, preparation methods for different types of meat, poultry and seafood, defining and analyzing USDA grading standards and more.”

Overall, ICEV’s online courses offer a flexible and great approach to career and technical education. By incorporating hands-on learning experiences and industry-recognized certifications, iCEV prepares students for success in their chosen field.