Major League Baseball Is Back!

Ramon Mondragon, Reporter

America’s sport is back and bringing back the drama, excitement and thrill of a ball and a bat. Opening Day for the MLB occurred on March 30. It featured tons of superstar players and exciting new teams with different management.

Some new things about the local teams near Los Banos like the Dodgers, A’s, Giants and Padres are all teams looking to find success this year in hopes for a championship banner this season. The Los Angeles Dodgers this year have lost many key players coming into this season to different teams, which means their campaign for a World Series is going to be very difficult this season, although they are still one of the many favorites to still win it all this year.

The San Francisco Giants were looking to add superstar Carlos Correa this off-season, but things did not fall through between the two parties. They were also favorites to sign Aaron Judge too, if he did not resign with the New York Yankees, but unfortunately, for the Giants fans none of these superstars came to play in San Francisco. Another loss the Giants had this off-season was losing key starting players like Carlos Rodon, Brandon Belt, and Evan Longoria.

The San Diego Padres this season look to have one of the best offenses in the MLB this season now having Fernando Tatis Jr. back and adding Xander Bogaerts.  They are also very big favorites this season to possible win the World Series after falling short to make the trip there to the Philadelphia Phillies last season.

The Oakland A’s this season look to be mediocre just as every other season due to the poor ownership it is under currently.

The Opening day results for these four teams were pretty much expected for the Giants and Dodgers where the Giants lost to World Series favorites New York Yankees and the Dodgers won against the Arizona Diamondbacks to start off their campaign. On the other side of things the Padres and A’s came out with unexpected outcomes. The Padres lost to the Colorado Rockies and the A’s won against the powerhouse of Los Angeles Angels.

The MLB is always a good sport to get into and if you are not a fan already, you should try to find a team to root for this season to get engaged with the thrill of the sport.