April Fools Day Beginnings

Nevaeh Prado, Reporter

Ever wondered where April Fools Day came from?

Some speculate that April Fools dates back to the late 1500’s when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. At that time people who were late to receive the news of the switching of calendars did not know that the New Year started on January 1st, therefore, they continued to celebrate it during the end of March. From here April 1st became a hoax and joke to everyone, to play tricks on this one specific day.

And while today we celebrate April 1st by playing jokes and pranks on one another, during the 18th century it is said that April Fools Day spread through Britain and in Scotland, it became a tradition to celebrate April Fools for two days. On the first day they would spend time hunting a bird named “Gowk” which is just a phony errand people would send their friends on. “Gowk” is also a word for fool. On the second day they would spend the day pulling pranks on people around them such a “Kick Me” signs on people backs or pinning fake tails, etc.

Evan Rebosa (11) said one April Fools prank he played was putting sticky notes all over a teacher’s car.

Senior, Kayson Welch said a prank he pulled for April Fools last year was, “I told Mrs.McCullough it was my birthday and she believed me. But it wasn’t really my birthday.”

Senior, Scout Gonzales, said “My mom told me “I’m pregnant” and I told her I was moving out because I knew she was joking, and I made it seem serious that I was leaving and then I turned around and said April Fools and put the joke back on her.”

April Fools is a fun day to spend with family and friends and on occasion come up with a few jokes and pranks to bring a good laugh upon you and the ones closest to you.

In the comments below, tell us a few pranks you’ve done or pranks pulled on you for April Fools Day.