March Madness Update Final Four


Kayson Welch, Reporter

March madness has been insane!!!!

ROUND ONE UPSETS. Number 1 seed Purdue got upset by 16 seed FDU. Number 1 seed Arizona projected to win it upset by Princeton. Number 4 seed Virginia upset by Furman.  

First round had the most interesting and buzzer beater endings in a while. Most of the upsets came down to 1 possession. 

Second round there were only two upsets and it was #6 Creighton beating #3 Baylor just because Baylor was one of the project teams to win it. And #1 Kansas got upset  to the #8 Arkansas by one point. 

In the third round the only team that got shocked an upset was Alabama they loss to San Diego State. Alabama was the #1 seed and projected to win it all by far but they had a rough game against San Diego State an loss. 

 While all this is happening #9 seed FAU is upsetting everyone and Kansas state is becoming a hot favorite. Then they match up in the Elite 8 and FAU keeps going with another upset. 

Now we are in the Final four with #5 seed San Diego State playing #9 FAU. And #4 Uconn playing #5 Miami. As of right now FAU is projected to win it all against the Uconn Huskies. But they first both gotta make it to the championship.  

This final four teams in it were not suppose to be here they were all basically underdogs that do not belong but because of great coaching, they made it. Fans are saying it is going to be boring and not fun to watch because of the absence of star players. But these young men beat your favorite teams and they deserve tp play. Most of these have won their games by a possession or two, but a win is a win. 

Most players in March madness that have lost already either declared for the draft or say they are returning to college. Some are even transferring schools already because they are unhappy with their team. Most of the players that do well in this tournament transfers to better schools or declare for the draft because their stock is so high.