Grupo 4LB performs for local events


Grupo 4LB

Scout Gutierrez, Reporter

Grupo 4LB
Jouse V, Daniel A, Livan, Jose Q, Frolian A
Daniel A, Josue V, and Jose Q at Grupo 4 LB event

Located at Tigers High School are three boys with incredible talent, who have played multiple times at different occasions such as the LULAC for the Dia de los Muertos set up, and Prom proposals that students at LBHS have coordinated. They started in the garage and have grown in such little time, along with their singer Frolian Aceves they have come far to become a popular grupo in Los Banos, Ca. I’ve interviewed Josue Valdez, Daniel Alvarado, and Jose Quezada who are seniors at Los Banos High School.

Q: Introduce yourselves, as well as what you play

Daniel A: “My name is Daniel, I am 17 years old..and I am the armonia of Grupo 4lb.”

Josue V: “I’m Josue, I am the requintista for the group”

Jose Q: “My name is Jose Quezada, I am the bass player for the group.”

Q: How did the grupo come together? 

Daniel A: “We came together as friends just to hang out and just wanted to play some music… and then decided to go play at the flea market, from there we got a lot of people to contact us, and book us for events.”

Josue V: “The band was a thing before I had joined, I texted Danny and we practiced a few times.. then joined the band. Afterwards we did a few gigs and Frolian then  joined,  finally Jose joined the band, and it’s been the best it has been since the beginning.”

Jose Q: “Grupo 4lb started as a group of friends that played the guitar together just for fun, learning songs that we liked and trying to get better with the dream of one day playing along with the people we admire.”

Q: What you see in the future; Main goals.

Daniel A: “My main goal is to make it big and to keep working on everything so we can be the best band that we can possibly.”

Josue V: “The main goal is to become a group that many look up to and go to events around the world.”

Jose Q: “Some goals for the grupo are playing in bigger and bigger events in front of more people going further and further away, sharing our music with more people.”

Q: What should we look forward to../What you look forward to. 

Daniel A: “Any future event we are a part of”

Josue V: “Want more promotions and more publicity.”

Jose Q: “More public events, music videos and music on different music platforms for everyone to listen to.”

Q: Events?

Daniel A: “The street fair tomorrow”

Josue V: “The main event we want to go to is the city fair!”

Jose Q: “Hopefully we get to have events like this Saturday at the street fair for the community and share our music with more people.”

(Disclaimer: This event was held on April 15, Downtown LB)

To Book a Date:

Call: (209) 752-1129, (209) 675-4258, (209) 421-4000, (408) 206-0523

Instagram and Facebook: @grupo4lb