Journalism students partner with Westside Express Newspaper



Journalism students will be adding their stories to the local newspaper.

Julian Mejia, Reporter

Hot off the press!

PawPrint News reporters will have a bigger audience starting next month.  The Journalism staff will have the opportunity to publish articles in the city’s local newspaper starting in May.  The Westside Express is pairing up with the LBHS journalism staff to not only introduce new readers to our school’s online newspaper and the staff, but to also put these amazing articles into the public eye.

Advisor of the Journalism staff, Mrs. McCullough said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.  Our Journalism students can showcase their writing to our community and our city gets to be informed about our school. This partnership will open up opportunities for students and help bring awareness to the printing world.”

John Spevak, who is the editor-in-chief for The Westside Newspaper had a few words to say about the partnership with the LBHS journalism staff. He said, “The Westside Express is excited to partner with the students in Mrs. McCullough’s Los Banos High School’s journalism class. We are looking forward to seeing student articles in print in our newspaper. We hope that these students will continue to value and be a part of local journalism.”

With the partnering of both newspapers, new opportunities will also be available for students. Journalism students can submit articles for The Westside Newspaper if they find journalism something they want to pursue in and want to make some money.

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