Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Movie Review

Greg Schaefer , Reporter

The Dungeons & Dragons: Honors Among Thieves tells the story of a group of thieves that were betrayed by both their hirer and an ex-thief turned lord of a powerful city. So with a drive of revenge, the remaining members of the group finds some friends to return the leader’s daughter and steal the lord’s massive fortune, but they ruin an even bigger and heinous plot by their previous hirer.

Even before the release of the movie, the community that plays D&D or similar table top games had been split 50/50 because one half were happy about the movie’s creation as its not simply a visual representation of a D&D’s phantasmal world, but also its accuracy to what happens when players play D&D with both the heartfelt moments and shenanigans generated by the players as a whole. But the other half of the community was very upset because of the inaccuracies of the rules of the game and how certain parts of D&D classes in the actual game were over-exaggerated by the movie. These same split was also presented in the Los Banos Dungeons & Dragons Club who went to view the movie on its released.

“That Red Wizard who hired them, how many 9th level spells did she cast in that combat,” stated by the Dungeons & Dragons president Cody Ruiz, the main negative critic of the movie in the inaccuracy of the rules and game mechanics with the spells casted and the class abilities. But for those who do not play D&D and did not enjoy the movie found the characters too comedic for their role in the plot of the movie.

“I really found it cool when the paladin threw his blade at the Thayan assassin,” said by Dominic Aguilar who is the Dungeons & Dragons Treasurer. The accuracy to the choices and atmosphere the main protagonists portray remind many views on their own experiences and choices they had made for their own characters in the actual game, while this atmosphere and creativity shown inspired viewers to play the game at least once.

The movie was designed to draw new players and but still held a 50/50 split within the community. Personally, I had creativity explosion while watching the movie, and I have been playing for years.

If you have not seen this movie already, go and watch Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.