Update on Loftin Stadium New Project


Kasondra Young

Phase one of Loftin Stadium is finally showing results.

Kayson Welch

The Loftin stadium rebuild is almost complete for phase one.  With only two months left, fans and players look forward to completion of a new ticket booth, concession stand, two team rooms, equipment storage rooms, and bathrooms.

The Los Banos district began updating the Loftin football stadium with a ground breaking event on August 25, 2022 by BMY construction to improve the football stadium. 

The project still has two more phases. Phase two will include installing turf for the football field and an all weather track. And last but not least, the third phase will be the sound system, stadium stands, and press box areas.

According to Mr. Joe Barcellos, the athletic director, “District was hesitant to take down the pool house because of what they may find. The pool pumps and other chemicals were located below the surface which drew some concerns as well.”

The project is coming along good just a little behind due to all the rain we have been having. All three buildings are up that include both away an home locker room, ticket booth, officials room, and snack bar.  All that needs to be done is plumbing and making the outside look nice with grass and blacktop. 

The completion date has been push back because the construction company asked for 15 more days finalizing the project in the middle of June. 

The community, players, and fans look forward to a new season with the new additions.  Mr. Barcellos said,  “I think it will be a better time and more pleasant time for fans with a better visual appearing when enter the stadium.”

For this $6.9 million project was funded by a bond called Measure X from property taxes. Measure X no longer exists, but it helped build Grasslands, Pacheco High’s science wing, and now the Loftin football stadium. 

So be on the lookout for for this project to be done in June and be ready to watch some Tiger football with these new additions.