Biden administration ends Title 42 allowing immigrants to pass border

Bobby Roque, Reporter

On May 11, 2023 Joe Biden is officially ending the U.S. immigration policy called “Tittle 42.” The policy allows border agents to rapidly turn back migrants who cross the border without considering their asylum claims.

This was mainly forced by the Trump administration in 2020 during the pandemic to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus coming through the border. An article in the Texas Standard stated that the Mayor of El Paso, Oscar Leeser is calling a state of emergency on the ending of the policy.

This is due to the rapid wait of over 35,000 immigrants and people seeking asylum on the border from Brownsville to El Paso and who are looking forward to crossing the border on May 11 without any restrictions. Residents of El Paso and other cities on the border are worried about the overflow of people because their facilities are already full of people seeking shelter in churches and shelters.

As recently as a week ago, the El Paso Times reports, the Border Patrol reported up to 1,300 immigrants a day were trying to cross into the El Paso sector.  Due to the high influx of people, Mayor Leeser is going to enforce that people are not allowed to be sleeping in the streets and crowding homeless shelters and non profit organizations like churches and such.

To enforce all of this, Texas will be supporting the local police departments and state troopers to get people off the streets. If immigrants are found, they will be picked up by border patrol and sent back. So far there are many immigrants all over the border trying to enter illegally. According to a Twitter post by @nicksortor, he wrote, “Texas National guard in full riot hear have arrived in Brownsville, TX near major illegal crossing point,” with a video attached with what looks like around 100 troops in full out gear.

Some methods of reinforcement have been taking place in the area.  Texas governor has also sent people to set up an additional barrier of barbed wire where people are entering the country as a precaution. Troops are also standing near these “major illegal crossing points” to force people back to Mexico.  These steps, however, will not stop the massive amount of people anticipated to cross the border.