Students volunteer at Pal softball for money and experience


Nevaeh Prado, Reporter

There are many different ways and programs that students can volunteer for in our community. One of the most popular programs that many students as well as members of the Los Banos community join is the Pal program for softball at all different age groups for girls.

One opportunity that students can make a little bit of money is to volunteer at the Pal softball games during the season as umpires for the games.  Students can make up to $200 through volunteering at games and what positions they want to do.

Senior Scout G. who volunteered as an umpire for Pal said,  “It is completely volunteer, but you can also use this experience on your job resume. What I did enjoy was meeting new people and I made a few new friends. I liked helping with the older age group games more than the younger age groups because no matter what you call, your calls were always wrong to the parents.”

A big conflict of doing this volunteer work is the affect the parents of the players and the crowd at the games has on the umpires. It has been a big topic that the crowds and specifically the parents really voice their opinions on the calls the umpire makes and this takes a toll and affect on the umpires.

Scout said “Any advice I would give to future high school volunteers is to make sure your paying attention and read the pamphlet of the rules and to ask questions if you need help.”

Senior Catalina Magana who volunteered at the Pal games as an umpire said, “What I liked the most about volunteering with Pal was the experience of watching the girls play and the nostalgia of watching them, when not that long ago that was me, a little kid with no worries besides trying to win a softball game.”

Something Catalina took away from this experience was, “… how quick time actually moves, one moment you’re playing the game, next moment you’re all grown up and keeping score.”

Catalina said, “My advice I’d have to give would be just to have fun with it, get to meet the people and players and just enjoy what you do or else you won’t have fun.”

For any students who wish to volunteer for Pal for the seasons to come, here’s the steps to take to do so:

First, go to the police officer in charge of Pal on J Street and get the paper from the officer and the school to fill out to volunteer.

Then, turn in the paper to the teacher who is also volunteering and in charge of collecting the papers to volunteer, which this year it was Ms. Zorra, then follow directions of what to do that the teacher instructs you.