Speak Now Album Review

Emily Zaragosa, Reporter

Officially one week ago, Taylor Swift revealed the release of her Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) album coming out on July 7th!

Speak Now was originally released on October 25th, 2010.

Taylor has previously re-released albums like Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version) all featuring songs “From The Vault,” or deluxe songs included.

Taylor made the announcement of  Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) being released during her Eras Tour that was playing in Nashville, Tennessee. Fans were not disappointed and anticipate what deluxe tracks will be released on the album.

In honor of Swift announcing Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), here is a review of one of my favorite Taylor Swift albums ever:

1: Mine: 6.5/10

Mine is a cute introduction to one of the best albums in Taylor Swift’s discography. The song tells a cute love story about a girl who is pessimistic about love, yet falls for a boy who makes her believe in love again. Shown as the album’s single track, Mine was a very popular country song that many fans adored. I personally rate the song a 6.5/10 because while it is good; it’s not very memorable for me.

2: Sparks Fly: 7/10

Sparks Fly was allegedly written when Taylor was sixteen and was seen by fans on Youtube, which by popular demand of fans, Taylor edited and released the song onto the Speak Now album. This song is also very country, yet lyrically pleasing and, in my opinion, still better than Mine. I rate this song a 7/10 because it’s simply just a good job.

3: Back To December: 10/10

Written about actor Taylor Lautner and their relationship back in 2009, Back To December tells the story of Swift regretfully looking back on the relationship that ended between the two of them. While not a lot of artists speak about personal responsibility and admitting their wrongs, Swift reveals she wishes she could “go back to December ” and change things that happened between them and ultimately apologize. The song is a solid 10/10 and is perfect all around, lyrically, musically, productively.

4: Speak Now: 6/10

The title track, Speak Now, is about a daydream of crashing an ex’s wedding to stop the ex from marrying the wrong person. Apparently, Taylor spoke in an interview about how her friend told her her ex was getting married to the wrong person, to which Taylor replied, “Well, are you gonna speak now?” This simple quote created the title of the track and the album. The song is humorous, yet a nice little bop. I rate the song a 6/10 because while it’s not my favorite song, I still like it.

5: Dear John: 1o/10

Going down in history as one of the most memorable and hard hitting break up songs ever, Dear John is one of the best track 5 songs Taylor Swift has ever made. During the time the album was written, Taylor had recently gone through a massive public break up between her and singer/songwriter John Mayer. One of the most distinguishing factors throughout this time, however, was their distinct age gap between the two, Taylor being only 19 years old while John was 32. Playing a trick on the phrase of writing a “Dear John” letter, Taylor wrote her song captivating what it was like being in a relationship with John Mayer, mentioning their age gap and his narcissistic behaviors. The lyrics, musical production, bridge, and vocals all come together to make this song absolutely amazing, yet heart wrenching at the same time. This song will and will always be a 10/10.

6: Mean: 8/10

A classic little country bop, Mean is a catchy, yet lyrically captivating song about Taylor clapping back at music critic Bob Lefsetz who claimed she “can’t sing” or perform. Seeing that now Taylor Swift is one of the most famous and successful artists of all time selling out arenas for her global tour (and this song won two Grammys), he was clearly wrong. I personally enjoy the song very much and it’s a nice song to dance to and sing the lyrics. I rate the song an 8/10 because while I don’t always enjoy country music, this is still a good song.

7: The Story Of Us: 10/10

Recently my favorite song on the album, The Story Of Us is a highly underrated song made by Swift. Swift told USA Today the song tells the story of having an awkward encounter with an ex, trying to ignore their presence and acting like you don’t know them. This song is based off the real situation that happened between Taylor and ex-boyfriend John Mayer at the CMT awards back in 2010. The song carries heavy guitars and drums, sounding country and rock at the same time. The lyrics are personally my favorite feature of the song itself, being extremely relatable but also not sounding sad enough you can cry to. I rate this song a solid 10/10 and it is personally a no skip track.

8: Never Grow Up: 4/10

Sadly, Never Grow Up has to be my least favorite song off the album. While the lyrics are nice and soft, I don’t like how the song sounds musically. Bittersweetly telling the story of what it feels like to grow up, I just can’t seem to find a way to like the song or relate to its message at all. I rate the song a 4/10 because I like the lyrics, but it would be the only skip off the album for me.

9: Enchanted: 7/10

Enchanted was made about Taylor Swift’s infatuation with singer Adam Young back in 2010. The song was meant to capture the fairytale-like feeling of falling in love with someone, yet being scared they could fall in love with someone else. This song is a highly popular song off of the album and stands as a classic wedding song. Personally, although the song is popular, it is not my absolute favorite off of the album because it starts off very slow.

10: Better Than Revenge: 10/10

Better Than Revenge is a classic country/rock song about getting revenge at an actress who stole Taylor’s boyfriend. There honestly is nothing else to say about this song other than it’s a complete banger that will never be a skip for me. 10/10.

11: Innocent: 5/10

Innocent was made after the Kanye West and Taylor Swift drama back at the VMA’s in 2009, in hopes of Kanye becoming a better person. I rate the song a 5/10 because I personally cannot relate to the message, but I still like the song a bit to where I won’t always skip it.

12: Haunted: 8/10

Haunted is a classic, country rock song made about not being able to escape the past of a bad relationship. Taylor will forever be “haunted” by the person. I rate the song an 8/10. All around the lyrics, music, production, vocals, etc are so good and create this underrated gem off of the album.

13: Last Kiss: 10/10

Rumored to be written about singer Joe Jonas and their relationship back in 2008, Last Kiss is my favorite song off the album and probably one of the most underrated Taylor songs of all time. Slow and melancholy, the song tells the story of a painful breakup, filled with longing and loss. Ultimately, this song is plain sad. The shaky voice, the lyrics, the sound all tell a sad, beautiful, yet tragic story of a breakup. I absolutely love this song and think it’s a perfect 10/10.

14: Long Live: 5/10

Added as the last song of the album, Long Live is a song dedicated to Swift’s fan base and appreciation towards her career. While I don’t personally listen to this song, the performance of this song during her Speak Now World Tour is immaculate and carries a very performance-like song. I think the song is a great way to end the album and wrap everything up.

Speak Now will forever be one of my favorite Taylor Swift albums of all time, with a very wide genre of music and range of emotions presented to listen for any kind of mood. I’m so excited to see how Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will play out when it is released.