May Day princesses weigh in their week of duties

Madison Richards, Reporter

Every year at the May Day Fair there is a princess and her May Day court. This year the privilege of being May Day princess was Jocelyn Vierra (12) and her runner up was Makenna Silveira (12).

Being part of May Day court, Makenna participated in all of the events that happened during the week. Her duties included going around the fair and talking to people and answering any and all questions people had. Makenna said, “It was an honor to be apart of May day court, and I am so excited to fulfill my jobs.”

Some of her other jobs were going to events like the Destruction Derby and the Tractor Pull, passing out ribbons during the life stock show, helping at sales during the week, and joining opening ceremonies everyday. Makenna loved being part of this yearly tradition and being part of the community in this special way.

Jocelyn was in complete shock to find out she won the May Day princess title.  She was so excited to be part of such a big and important part of the community during the fair.

During the week of the fair she said, “It was amazing being able to meet and talk to so many people.” Just like her May Day court, she participated in opening ceremonies, passed out ribbons, and joined many other events. One of her most important jobs was running the Tiny Princess pageant. She said this was a highlight to her week. “It was so much fun to be apart of.”

Along with being May day Princess Jocelyn and Makenna had their own responsibilities with tending and showing their own animals for FFA.

Both Jocelyn and Makenna had so much fun at this year’s May Day Fair and would like to thank all who came and participated. They both agree that if anyone has a chance to run for next year’s princesses, she should do it.  Both agree that it is a once in a life time experience that they were happy to have participated in during their last school year.