Fair Recap


Nevaeh Prado, Reporter

The fair was a super fun time of year for the city of Los Banos. This event not only opened up spring time, but the Spring Fair supported FFA students in town while bringing a fun time to our location.

Every year the anticipation for what rides the Spring Fair will bring is always high. This year Los Banos was given a few new rides along with whole new tickets/wristband methods and payment methods. From rides to carnival games, in order to do any of those fair goers had to pay at the ticket box, which is now a tablet and the amount of money paid, unless a person gets an unlimited wristband goes onto a prepaid wristband and every dollarĀ  paid was put on the prepaid wristband represents one ticket.

The only time people would give cash or use a card at the fair, besides wrist bands was to buy things from the vendors or buy food at the many food vendors. This year the food vendors were the same as previous years but patrons were greeted with a few new rides which included, a new ride called “Orbiter” and the tall swings that go up in the sky and spin.

Junior, Bobby Roque said his favorite ride at the fair was the “Fire Ball,” and his favorite memory from the fair was “Winning my girlfriend a stuffed animal from one of the fair games.”

Emily Zaragosa (11), also attended the fair and her favorite ride was the “Orbiter,” while her favorite memory was “Almost throwing up on the Orbiter.”

The workers at each ride and the carnival games had a scanner to scan the QR code on wristbands to use the money put on it and if you are out or do not have enough the workers can see on the screen of the scanner and you are not able to ride the rides or play the games. Also, each carnival game started at 10 tickets to play (you could of course give more tickets depending on the game and what it offers) which means 10 dollars to play and the fair had miniature ticket boxes to reload your wristbands with more money for more tickets.