My high school thoughts as a senior

Kayson Welch, Reporter

After finishing my three years at Los Banos High school, I decided to give you guys some inside information on some of the top tier teachers and who I’m going to miss.

Number 1 teacher on campus is Mrs. McCullough by far.  She is one of the best teachers on campus because she is understandable and always comes to school with a smile on her face. She teaches Junior English, yearbook, and journalism.  So if you have a chance, get one of those classes. She is no doubt the best teacher in Los Banos. 

Another great teacher is Mr. Herrera.  He has such a great spirit. He is always a great teacher to talk to and there are always students in his classroom at all parts of the days. He teaches multiple levels Spanish. He makes learning fun and excited with sports. For boys, he is a very big sports fans and knows everything about sports. For girls, he loves music and having help around the classroom. 

Some of the best experience at school for myself came with sports. Most of the people I’m friends with I met through sports. The sport programs at this school are amazing and all of the coaches know their stuff and are very smart and enjoyable people. 

As the years went on, I have realized almost all the teachers are great and want the best for students and are sometimes hard on students to push themselves. 

My favorite class out of all the years was Junior English with the best teacher, Mrs. McCullough and all the people in it. That class was loaded with a lot of friends in there. On the first day we didn’t really know our teacher, but then over the days of school, Jose, Martin, George, Armani, And I became friends and were the light of class. 

The security guards on the campus are very nice and always have a smile on their face. They always greet the students and ask how their days are going. They are overall great people and super nice.  

The school events here at Tigers are very funny and entertaining. Usually everyone has a great time and have smiles on their faces. The school provides a good amount of events to do which is very cool. They could always switch it up and have more things, but its good.

The clubs on campus are very fun, and everyone is welcoming and respectful. There are 25 amazing clubs to join with all different things. The club I joined was BSU, and it was fun, but I personally had no time for it. But it was a great club. 

Most of my favorite memories from high school came through sports. My favorite memory was when I won Frist team All league in football, MVP in basketball, then First team All League for baseball. Also, I made four all start games which was my favorite memory by far.

So overall, to all the Tigers….enjoy every minute, join activities, and take something from each class because the teachers do really care for you and your future.  Good luck to everyone.