Senior prank do’s and don’ts

Evan Rebosa and Jackson Silva

The end of the school year means lots of the senior activities and opportunities to hang out with friends before graduation.  One activity many look forward to is the senior prank.  Unfortunately, our school is on the second year of bad choices and pranks gone wrong.

Many students and staff may have heard or saw around Los Banos High school campus the outcome of the class of 23′ shenanigans and pulled pranks on staff members and our campus. This senior prank was not approved this year due to past classes taking the prank too far. The class of 22′ did indeed have their senior prank approved, but when allowed into the office, they became destructive in Mrs. McGraw’s office. They also broke into Ms. Krugers’s room, destroyed property, and put dead animals inside. The students who got caught last year received in-house suspension and were not able to walk.

During the night of May 23, members of the class of 23′ spray painted many murals with inappropriate stuff.  Also they targeted Ms. Krueger’s room once again breaking in and breaking monitors and spray painting things in her room.  The respectful part of their senior prank included a tailgate party in the student parking lot, but due to the destructive property, admin shut down the tailgate. All of the destructive property may lead to legal actions and fines.

Those were only a handful of what not to do in a senior prank. But seniors can have a less destructive senior prank without breaking laws. First what seniors should do contact a school admin and get the idea approved for the prank. One idea seniors can do is fill a classroom with balloons or an office. Seniors can also prank teachers, but no student should ever make it destructive or trespass into classrooms.

If seniors do not prank legally or within school rules, students can get this opportunity taken away for future classes. After the class of 23′ did their senior prank, the admin made it clear that senior pranks will not be allowed unless approved by admin.  These senior pranks also make it very unfair to custodians having to help clean up and paint our murals again after they were already repainted and retouched this past year.

A prank should also always end in a laugh for both parties.  If students prank wrong, it forces teachers and admin to be more stricter and ruin the tradition for future seniors which no one wants to happen.