Break The Tradition!

Break The Tradition!

Aileen Rangel, Staff Reporter

Think of all the dances that have been held at school. The tradition has always been for guys to ask girls, and on the one occasion, Sadies, for girls to ask guys.

What happens to the in-betweens? How about the girls who want to ask girls and the guys who want to ask guys? The LGBT community already has it tough as it is.

It’s not even just LGBT, it’s the people who want to ask friends of the same gender. What are these people supposed to do?

If someone feels more comfortable just going with their friends, of the same sex, shouldn’t they have the right to do that?

There are constantly cases nationwide where students are suspended for taking dates of the same gender. Also many reasons for suspensions have included genders wearing out of the norm attire like for example a girl wearing a tux.

Thankfully, slowly but surely, this has become less of an issue. Schools have become more accepting of this and believe everyone should hold their freedoms as stated in the constitution.

Schools have even allowed for any gender and any sexual orientation to take part in running for prince, princess, king, and queen.

Sadie Hawkins seems to be flawed for the purpose that it has it’s “rules.” It could have been an empowering movement back then, but our society has progressed so much. So the real question is, should we continue the tradition of having a Sadie Hawkins Dance? Or should we make our own new tradition and have a dance that lives up to our bit more advanced society?