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Mrs. Torres Anticipates Her Upcoming Retirement

Mrs. Torres looks forward to retiring and enjoying her time to pursue her own interests.

Mrs. Torres looks forward to retiring and enjoying her time to pursue her own interests.

Jorge Ortiz

Jorge Ortiz

Mrs. Torres looks forward to retiring and enjoying her time to pursue her own interests.

Jorge Ortiz, Staff Reporter

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Mrs. Christie Torres, a secretary at Los Banos High School will soon be retiring on September 29 after 17 years.  She is happy with her job helping parents and students, but she wants to enjoy life with her family now. She says she will be ”joining the retired club” with her family in Texas because they are also all retired. They give her support and hope for a happy life in retirement. She decided to retire now because the district offered what is called the “Golden Handshake,” which provides two years of extra pay while in retirement.

Like many she had a difficult childhood having to work at a young age. She worked at a clothing store called Mr.H and did farm labor during her summers. At this time Mrs. Torres wanted to be a dress designer. Later on as an adult she developed an interest in criminal justice and wanted to work in that area. Once her family started growing, she decided to stop school so she could spend more time with her family which is why she became a teacher’s aide in the district. Having the same hours and breaks as her children allowed her to be with her family the most. Then she saw the opportunity for her current job now as office secretary and took it. She never imagined to go into retirement here, but it was a good decision she says.

“Retirement is when you stop living at work

and start working at living.”

-Mrs. Torres

LBHS has always been a special place for her.  As a LBHS 1975 graduate and employee, her connection to the campus, staff, and students expand over many years.  Mrs. Torres will miss her job stating, “I’ll miss the staff and kids of course.” She has strong relationships with the staff that she works with daily. Torres states that they always help each other out and make each other happy while working.

Mrs. Marianne Peluso dreads having to say goodbye to her coworker.  “I have had the pleasure of working with Christie since the mid 1980’s!  At that time, she was a teacher’s aide at LBHS and now, of course, continues to be a valuable employee to our Tiger Nation working as a Main Office Secretary.   There will be a definite void in the office after September 29th!”

Mrs. Torres is prepared and excited for retirement. She has already planned a trip to the Bahamas with her husband and a trip to visit her family in Texas. As a parent she has two children and four grandchildren who she also has plans to visit. One of her grandchildren is a senior and a cheerleader, so she is planning to watch her at games. Apart from family and trips, she likes to scrapbook and do gardening. It will be a very relaxing retirement for her.

Best wishes to a happy retirement, Mrs. Torres.  Stop by the office to say your goodbyes.

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Mrs. Torres Anticipates Her Upcoming Retirement