The Big Tate at the Gate

Amelia Smith and Laura Albornoz

He may not turn green when he is angry, but he sure is Hulk’s size. Mike Tate is a Los Banos High School security guard that is extremely buff. Students probably have heard steroid jokes about him around school but wondered, how did he get that big?

He personally thinks he is not buff, “but has muscle on him.” Tate started working his training in school, but got serious about working out after high school. He started working out because he wanted to be in shape and to him “it’s a lifestyle.” 

He actually is not in love with working out, but just does it because he wants to be in shape. Tate does not have a meal plan; he just eats what his wife cooks for him. He goes to the gym about five to six days a week.  Tate concludes that his family does their own types of workouts. His sons do multiple sports and his daughter, who loves to cheer will sometimes work out with him at home.

Now students may wonder if Mike Tate has been in any fights or if people are intimidated by him because of his muscular appearance. The answer to that is yes.  Tate explains, “I have been in many encounters with people,” but he does not want to promote violence. He knows that many people are intimidated by his physique.

A couple of students and staff  members have some opinions about Tate and whether he intimidates them. Hallie Young, junior responded, “ I’ve known Mike since I was little, so he doesn’t scare me.”

“No, I am not intimidated by Mike Tate.  I actually feel protected by him; he is a great guy,” security guard Peter Castello said.

Overall, Mike Tate is buff, but he is a great person and protector of the students and staff at the school.