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Football Captains and Coach Share Game Thoughts After Week 1


Jorge Sanchez

Aaron Calderon, Scotty Crist, and Andre Castillo are friends off the field.

Matthew Rivera and Jorge Sanchez

 Football is Back! The Los Banos Tigers are off to a good start after their win after beating the Madera Coyotes 34-19 and this upcoming week, they will be facing the Liberty Ranch Hawks. We got a chance to talk to Coach Capresso and the team captains of the football team in the Tiger Den.

This is what Coach Capresso had to say after we asked him if the team was capable of making playoffs, “ I believe every year we have a chance.  We just got to keep competing and working hard.”

We also had a chance to talk to a few of our Tiger players and this is what Anthony Barba, senior and left guard on offense had to say about who he thinks the stand out player of the team is going to be. He said,  “I feel that Antonio Lopez because when you give him the ball, it’s really hard to tackle him in the open field.’

Senior Daniel Guerrero believes the Tigers definitely have a shot to make the playoffs and this is what he said when we asked him about the DP game, “I’m excited because it’s my last year in a tiger uniform and theses games are going to mean a lot for me.”

Senior Juan Bravo has hope in the Tigers to do big things this year after he got asked how the team was going to perform this year his answer was “ In everybody’s eyes of other teams they believe that we don’t have a chance but with our hard work we have an opportunity to make play offs maybe even farther”

When talking to Scotty Crist,  senior, he let us know that he’s been playing football since he was seven years old. He along with everyone else on the team thinks the team will do well and make it into the playoffs. When asked about the DP game, he let us know “He was ready to knock some heads, and put people on their butts. It’s clear he’s just as excited as the rest of the team to get in on the field the rest of the season.

We got to ask Senior Aaron Calderon about playing DP he quoted “I’m ready to break some ankles and score some touchdowns against them” and he thinks the team could go farther then the second round that shows so much  confidence in his team.

Senior Andre Castillo was asked Who he thinks the stand out players going to be and he said “ Juan Bravo is going to be a astonishing player this year” and he’s been playing football since the start of high school. Andre also believes the Tigers could make the playoffs and he’s very confidence