History by Day; Friends for Life


Amelia Smith and Laura Albornoz

Do you ever wonder what teachers at Los Banos High School are close friends? Well here are two teachers you may know who are close.

Mr. Reardon, who teaches both College Prep and AP history classes, and Mr. Coleman, who teaches AP European history and AP US history, have been really close friends since they were both hired about five years ago.  

As neighbors on campus,they help each other out in the classroom and in life. For example, when they are picking and choosing which students will move on to the next AP course, both teachers come together and choose which students are fit enough to take that next course.  Also, if they need an answer to a question or just want to say something during the day, they are only a few steps away from each other.

Both teachers think highly of each other as do a couple of their past and current students. Outside the classroom, they are friends too.  They are neighbors and love to joke together. Mr. Coleman elaborates, “Mr. Reardon and I both live in the same neighborhood, so we often hang out and have barbecues together on the weekends.”  

Mr. Reardon confesses, “Mr. Coleman is like a little brother to me.”

They both are greatly loved by their students due to their jokes and humorous personalities.  Junior Stephanie Murphy, past student of Mr. Reardon and current student of Mr. Coleman expressed,” I learned a lot from both Mr. Reardon and Mr. Coleman in my first three years of high school, and I loved having them as teachers.”  

Many students love not only their friendship, but their teaching ability and how Readron and Coleman make learning history fun for everyone. 

If you would like to meet these teachers, Mr. Reardon’s class is Room 10 and Mr. Coleman is in Room 8.