Lunch Review: Blaze Pizza

Dezare Lozano, Staff Reporter

Blaze Pizza has just opened in Los Banos and the hype for pizza has never been higher. 

The difference between this pizza place and the others in town is that customers order a personal pizza and it is made-to-order where customers can add toppings similar to Subway ordering.

Junior and Senior students who have the ability to leave campus during lunch have ventured to this new place to try the pizza. Located near Target, across from Starbucks, it is difficult to get to Blaze Pizza from LBHS. However, is it worth the wait? The price? The time?

“It’s an okay place,” said Mr. Garber, history teacher. “If I can, I would eat there again.”

“I thought it was alright,” said junior student Hannah Padron.  She said that she will definitely go again in the future.

Many students have been going to Blazes at lunch, and many come back with satisfied faces and full stomachs disregarding the small pizza they are given. Other students say that they are not always fully satisfied, and some have been late to their fifth period class because of the long line.

If you plan to go to Blazes for lunch, be mindful of the day that you go, and the traffic that may run on Pacheco Highway. Fridays through Sundays are the busiest days of the week. 

Other than the ten minute long wait in line, there is a faster way to order your food. Blaze Pizza has a website and an app for both Android and Apple to order food ahead of time. By the time you get to Blaze, your food will be ready to go.

Prices are under $10.  Build Your Own pizza is $8.45 to the Simple Pie pizza for $5.55.

Blaze Pizza is definitely a large company and stretches all over America with over 300 stores just in California. We are definitely lucky to have a new pizza parlor in Los Banos for everyone to enjoy. Check your mailboxes every so often for free pizza coupon or free drinks coupons! Enjoy!


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