Matt & Jorge’s Tiger Den: Tennis 100th Win

Jorge Sanchez and Matthew Rivera

This week on the Tiger Den, we will be writing about the Tennis team winning their 100th game and this week we got a chance to interview Bridget Lopez (12).

One of the questions that we asked her was, “How does it feel reaching 100 straight wins as a Team?” Lopez responded, “It feels really good to have 100 straight league wins. It’s a really big accomplishment that the tennis team is very proud of.”

Now that league is over, their streak currently sits at 102 wins. We also asked Lopez, “How do you think the team chemistry is?” She replied, “The team gets along pretty well. We’re such all good friends, and we make our own jokes with each other.”

She explained that her favorite part of playing tennis is that it’s a really fun sport. “It requires you to have to watch your opponent and determine where to hit your next shot and how. I play doubles so I have a partner who has my back.”

That’s it for the Tiger Den this week. See you next week!