Los Banos Choir’s Messiah Concert

Ian Jordan and Matthew Rivera

November 29th’s choir performance at the Ted Falasco Art Center was a big success for the choir, raising about $800 and bringing in 200 people in attendance. The choir sang alongside a group of musicians that made up the orchestra, along with alumni from past choirs, singing a compilation of Christmas music and Handel’s Messiah.

When Mr. Faria was asked about the performance, he said “The students did a great job, and the audience loved it.” Also stating, “In comparison to other performances, this is among the best,” he said. 

The holiday season is officially over with the performance at the city council meeting on December 6th. The choir will now begin prepping for their festival season approaching just after winter break. The next few months will be spent rehearsing for their Stanislaus and San Luis Obispo competition where the choir will be looking to earn a high grade in the eyes of their judges. Wish them the best of luck moving forward!