Choir’s Drive-Thru Chicken Dinner Was A Success

Ian Jordan, Staff Reporter

The Los Banos High School choir had a drive-thru chicken dinner fundraiser the evening of January 31st, 2018, at the La Morenita supermarket.

The choir sold tickets for a chicken dinner supplied by the supermarket. The dinner consisted of half of a chicken, rice and beans, and tortilla rolls for $10. The money for this fundraiser will be used for the San Luis Obispo field trip on March 22nd-March 24th. It is a multi-day field trip that will encompass three days and two nights.

The choir is raising money for the bus expenses and their hotel rooms.  Any extra money raised will be immediately put back into the choir program for extra music, uniforms, etc.  The choir will be traveling to Hearst Castle the first day of the trip to practice their singing in one of the auditoriums. The following day the choir will be competing against other high school choirs at the Cal Poly university campus. The final day of the trip is when the choir will take a day to go visit Pismo Beach and return home that same day.

When asked about the field trip, the choir director Mr. Faria was quoted saying “Last year’s fundraiser was a real success, we were able to buy the girls new pearl necklaces for their uniforms, and I’m really excited for the trip this year.” After the fundraiser, Faria posted on his Facebook profile about how the choir had managed to make even more money from this year’s fundraiser then last year.