Which Ramen Soups Are the Best Choices?

Which Ramen Soups Are the Best Choices?

Laura Albornoz and Amelia Smith

Many say that when in college, all you eat is instant ramen. We always have wondered what is the best instant ramen. I conducted an experiment to determine which brand was the best to buy.  I tried Cup Noodles, Top Ramen, Paldo, Bowl Noodle Soup, and Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black Premium Noodle Soup. They were overall good and had way too much sodium.

The best one was the Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black Premium Noodle Soup. It’s spicy and full of noodles. It contained big pieces of mushroom and free-dried beef that springs to life. It was weird that the meat became “real” when cooked; it overall was the best and wins my vote.

The second best was Paldo’s Spicy Chicken Bowl. The noodles had a nice chewy texture and the spicy clear broth that was so good. It was a good level of spice because it wasn’t burning your tongue off nor was it flavorless. It had a great chicken flavor, and overall was a pretty good ramen.

The third best was Top Ramen. I have tried this ramen before and it’s considered a classic in the “instant ramen world.” It’s just a basic noodle that is tasty when in need of food. I personally don’t love it or hate it.

The last two was Cup Noodles and Bowl Noodle Soup. They were okay instant ramens but weren’t the best. They were nothing compared to the top three except for Top Ramen. They just tasted like any basic instant chicken noodles.

Junior, Alexa Chiu said her favorite ramen was Top Ramen. “Although I haven’t tried many instant ramens, my favorite is Top Ramen because I like to pour it in a bowl and put it on the stove where the noodles can get super overcooked and have a better consistency.” Senior, Stephanie Galvan said, “My favorite instant ramen is Maruchan because it’s usually the first thing I see if there’s nothing else to eat.”

You will find yourself eating instant ramen at times of struggle or simply because you’re too lazy to cook. Instant ramen is extremely unhealthy for you and contains almost about a whole recommended day’s worth of sodium.

Remember in college, try to avoid getting your “freshman 15” (myth that you will gain 15 pounds the first year) by eating right and exercising.