Mr. Bretz in FFA Week!


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Dezare Lozano and Siana Barrett

FFA Week started this week showcasing the program and club members.  FFA members have dress up days and lunch activities where students can enjoy time together and bring attention to the club itself.  The FFA program has 450 members, five teachers and a student teacher this semester.  One teacher, Mr. Jason Bretz is a Los Banos FFA alumni and Ag adviser.

Mr. Bretz has been working with students in Los Banos for roughly 14 years.  His experience has taught him about what to expect in the teaching field, especially in Agriculture, and allows him to give advice to people who are in training to become an ag teacher in the future.

Mr. Bretz taught in two different schools which makeup his 24 years of teaching. He used to teach in Livingston for a year and Le Grand for nine years. He decided to come back to Los Banos, knowing that this was his hometown where he graduated and lived for most of his life.  Mr. Bretz  teaches AG Biology and Small Engines, and he also enjoys being the adviser for swine and the Small Engines Team.

His advice for students who are working to become teachers, Mr. Bretz says, “Make sure that is really what you want.”

Bretz’s favorite thing about teaching is to work with the students on a daily basis. For future AG teachers, pursuing this job, he commented that if it’s “something you truly love” to make note that this teaching job is a lot of hard work. 

Mr. Bretz’s work and passion for his job and students show that he has enthusiasm for the classroom and his subject area.